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BackS5500E Series L3 10G Routing Switches
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 S5500E Series L3 10G Routing Switches
The S5500E series switches are next-generation L3 10G box switches based on high-performance hardware and TG-NET Operating System Platform (TGOS). The S5500E can work as an Access switch, Aggregation Switch or Core Switch.
The S5500E has industry-leading performance and provides up to 4 line-speed 10GE ports.

Various Port Types and Flexible Port Expansion

The S5500E comes with fixed 4*10G ports this series also provides multiple gigabit ports (24 or 48 Base-T ports it can be used as an access or aggregation switch on campus networks or an access switch in data centers.


Comprehensive Security Control Policies

Support address authentication based on IP+MAC address, 802.1x authentication, radius and RACACS+ based on user interfaces, and also support IP ACL, MAC ACL, VLAN ACL and L3/L4 based ACL, can efficiently defend against ARP attacks and viruses.Besides, the switch can support comprehensive storm control function by suppress broadcast, multicast, DLF flooding and ICMP flooding. The comprehensive secure controls can efficiently guarantee the real-time effectiveness of all security policies.


Convenient and Quick Management and Maintenance

Adopt simple visual Web-based interface (http/https), which helps users to handle various functions easily and conveniently.

Support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that the devices are convenient to configure and manage. Samll and medium-sized enterprise customers can centralized manage the switch easily.

Support CLI command line Management and telnet, suitable for professonal network administrators.

Support SSH2.0 and oter encryption, which makes management much more secured.

Support PDP/LLDP protocol for simple management.

Support NTP protocol for time synchronization automatically.

Support resetting factory defaults, which makes the maintenance more easily.