Service Strategy
It is divided into three parts: pre-sale, On-sale and after-sale.
Pre-sales: focus on the needs of customers, provide professional advice services, and save communication time.
On-sale: focus on customer's customization needs, sample confirmation, to ensure the quality and delivery time of bulk products.
After-sales: 24-hour service at any time, answering questions, and providing on-site service when necessary.
1. Prepare samples according to the requirements of customers. Some products require mold fee or RD fee. The mold fees and design fees depend on the specific situation and need to be borne by the customer. (If the number of orders reaches a certain amount, we can refund the corresponding fee)
2. After the two parties confirm the sample, sign the contract and pay the deposit. The production time starts to be calculated when the deposit is delivered.
3. The product delivery time will not exceed 45 days

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