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E-government External Network Solutions

E-government is the new development trend of Government Management in Information Society, which has become the public focus of worldwide governments. With the informatization of Parties and Government offices developed into a new reform of public administration and a significant sign of National Competitiveness level, our country need to accelerate our speed of information construction of Parties and Government.

Government network construction, as a systemic project and a knowledge innovation project, must be aimed at establishing brand new and positive images of Chinese governments. And the project will be helpful to facilitate diligent and incorrupt governments, and efficiently improve the informatization level of government prosecutors. Government network will also strengthen the communication between domestic government and oversea governments and enrich online Chinese information resources. In a word, E-government project has a significant influence on all aspects of China’s development, which covers politics, economy,culture and other development aspects.

Nowadays, information and network have been changing people’s daily life organization forms, economic working rules and government security defence policies in a unprecedented way. Network and information have become the powerful weapon to ensure a unified security polity for government internal and external network and achieve a successful information security infrastructure construction.

TG-NET has developed into an experienced government solution provider during long-term devotion into government network construction. With more sophisticated technology and qualified services, TG-NET will become a more reliable and professional solution provider in the near future.

      E-government External Network


China’s E-government network adopts a four-layer structure, used to connect with the vertical networks of all local cities, districts and counties. Different levels of Metropolitan Area Networks are established based on the vertical local networks. In this structure, the service and information among different levels of government and areas can be connected and shared, cost and resources can be saved. E-government external network and the Internet are logically isolated, while E-government internal network and the Internet are physically isolated.

Provincial / Municipal Government Center:

E-government network adopts core switches with high-performance and large switching capacity, used as the core of MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) construction. According to the analytic result of MAN line and service flow, the network center need high-performance switch used to establish a high reliability core ring network. The ERPS three-core 10G ring network solution based on G.8032 can against bad influence caused by single-port failure when sustaining the load balancing, it can make a rapid restrain within 50ms without influencing real-time communication service like video or voice.All core layer devices are with high reliability, expansion capacity and powerful service capacity. The system can well satisfy the requirements of government network center construction.

E-government network carries with various government systems. With more and more multimedia services are absorbed into the E-government network, the core network device need to process larger number of video and multicast traffic. The core routing network switch adopted by TG-NET can effectively sustain network stability and security with its excellent stability performance when it is forwarding multimedia data flow in a high speed.

S7500 switch provides key modules all with 1:1 redundant backup, and has various ports, like 10G ports, gigabit ports, and fast Ethernet ports. The switch supports multiple functions like IPv4/v6, MPLS,NAT,multicast, Qos, Bandwidth Control and other services.

District or County Government Network Access

We suggest adopting F3000 carrier-class gigabit multiple function firewall in district or county governments network. F3000 firewall enable keep its strong security performance when it forwards internal and external network data in a high speed. The firewall can help to guarantee a security network  environment for E-government.

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