Security monitoring construction in Yanqing competition area of Beijing Winter Olympics

Publish Time: 2022-12-22
The Beijing Winter Olympics open on February 4, 2022 and close on February 20. The Yanqing competition area, one of the three competition areas, has 5 competition and 2 non-competition venues, and will hold 3 major events (alpine skiing, snowmobile, sled); 4 sub-items (alpine skiing, snowmobile, steel frame snowmobile, sled), 20 small events; this time TG NET undertook the construction of the security monitoring network in the Yanqing competition area. The construction of the security monitoring network aims to provide a full range of video monitoring services for the core area of the Yanqing competition area. After the installation of 100+ network equipment of TG, the expected construction requirements were satisfied.
Security network camera online rate reaches 99.99%
Access authorization and intrusion prevention functions fully guarantee the safety and availability of the security intranet
100% successful retrieval of video images
Realize the classification and statistics of all equipment in the security network, and intuitively understand the number and operating status of switches and cameras in the security network through the home page.

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