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The RGX9808 provides fixed 10GE SFP+ interfaces, with a new generation of higher-performance multi-core processing chip, enabling 10GE wire-speed processing performance.
TG RGX9808 router series builds a real multiservice broadband platform by providing rich software functions such as routing,safety,VPN and AC controller .
The RGX9808 router can be deployed as an egress router for small- to medium-sized enterprise networks to operate with VPN, NAT, and IPSec service gateways. Together with other TG products, The RGX9808 router can provide comprehensive network solutions for government, financial, public security, Hotels, businesses, hospitalsand education customers.
■  Flow Control
The RGX9808 is based on the fourth generation of flow control technology to support more accurate application identification. All traffic can be divided into six business channels: game, chat, web page, common, video, and download in order of priority to achieve priority for application traffic.
RE router series supports 1000+ kinds of application identification, covering more than 90% of common applications, and supports regularly updating the application identification feature database to enrich application identification.

■  VPN
The RGX9808 supports the visual configuration of VPNs such as PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and other protocols. It can visually monitor the VPN connection status in real time, so that companies that are not located can still share data services, access intranet resources, improve office efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs . 

■  Behavior management
The RGX9808 supports one-click killing of applications such as QQ, WeChat, online video, games, shopping, portable WiFi, etc., to control employees' online behavior, and to protect office business. It also supports QQ list management, URL redirection, and WEB URL filtering to ensure network security.

■  Application triage
The RGX9808 supports application offloading. It can be configured to offload data streams or packets to designated external network operators' lines according to time group, IP group, port group, and application protocol to maximize network security and reasonable use of bandwidth. This can achieve intelligent distribution of the network.

■  Safety network
The RGX9808 has a built-in firewall, which can customize protocols, enter and exit IP groups, ports, time groups, etc.
ARP attack prevention, including fixed source MAC address, ARP attack protection, ARP source suppression, ARP detection, source MAC consistency check and protection, ARP rate limit, and ARP active acknowledgement mechanism.

■  Management
The RGX9808 supports TG cloud remote operation and maintenance management. Customers can perform remote operation and maintenance management anytime, anywhere through a computer terminal.
Support TG AI network platform for management.
The RG router series can manage wireless access points and switches, and can perform unified management configuration.
Product Information
Product Model RGX9808
Hardware specifications
Fixed port 6*10/100/1000 Base-T ports,2* 1G/10 GE Base-X SFP+ ports
WAN Ports Upto 6
Consloe 1
CPU 3.7GHz Dual-core
Memory 8G
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0°C -50°C
Relative humidity: 5%–95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 440(L)×407(W)×92(H)mm
Weight <10kg
Input Voltage AC:100~240V/50~60Hz
Power consumption <250W

Software specifications
Expert Wizard Support quick guide and expert guide to meet the needs of quick scene configuration
system status Overview Support real-time statistics of router load (CPU / memory), real-time traffic monitoring,
application proportion statistics,
interface status,
system status
routing Supports statistical analysis of active IPV4 links
System log Support statistical records of other logs such as security, interface, operation, etc. Support configuration in debug mode
real time monitoring Support real-time monitoring and statistics of total traffic, sub-WAN and sub-LAN traffic and packet forwarding, real-time statistics of CPU load and number of connections
History monitoring Support historical monitoring statistics on total traffic, WAN and LAN traffic, and packet forwarding
Host monitoring Support for all Intranet hosts of traffic and the number of connection statistics and alarms, support for alarm configuration parameters
Applied Statistics Support traffic statistics and application proportion statistics for each application category in the intranet
QQ Online List Support statistics of online QQ in intranet
Interface overview Support real-time status statistics of hardware interfaces and virtual interfaces
Configuration Extranet configuration Support WAN port configuration, support fixed IP, automatically obtain IP, PPOE / ADSL and other configurations
Intranet configuration Support for IP and mask configuration of intranet LAN port, support IP extension
Port Mapping Support 1 to 1, 1 to N port mapping and rule making
QoS flow control Support intelligent flow control and custom flow control settings, which can give priority to server resources
Multi-line strategy Support multi-line access intelligent line selection, main and auxiliary mode, load balancing, main and standby mode; support application distribution and policy routing, support line detection;
ARP binding Support ARP statistics and binding
Routing password Support hierarchical and sub-rights management of routers
DHCP Support static or dynamic DHCP allocation for routing LAN ports, real-time monitoring of active clients and other DHCP
Network protocol Basic Agreement Support IPV4 TCP / IP protocol stack
IP routing Support static routing, policy routing
DNS Support DNS Client / Proxy
Support based on 3322 DDNS;
DHCP Support DHCP Client, DHCP Server
Network interconnection Static IP Support port-based IP address configuration
Support 802.1Q-based sub-interface management
Dynamic IP Support to actively obtain IP
Operating mode NAT Support NAT address translation function (dynamic, static, reverse address translation)
routing Support standard and efficient router forwarding
Mixed mode Support multi-WAN NAT and routing mode mixed use
Flexible port Support lan and wan port interchange, flexible management
flow control Intelligent flow control Intelligent flow control based on seven-layer protocol
Conventional flow control Support flow control based on IP and IP segment
Support routing strategy, application scheduling, multi-line aggregation, intelligent balancing (adjust the load balancing strategy according to real-time traffic conditions)
Support multi-line connection with different operator networks and realize load distribution according to strategy;
cyber security ACL Supports access control lists based on IP and network segments
Support port-based access control list
Support MAC address based access control list
ARP defense Support IP / MAC binding, ARP attack defense, APR trust mechanism
Attack defense Support connection limit, and limit the number of UDP and TCP connections separately
Support MAC filtering
Can prevent short packets, prevent fragmented packets
Support DDoS attack, flood attack, syn attack defense
Behavior management Application control Support one-key management and control, one-key block application, support manual configuration block application
QQ application control Support QQ list and white list settings
Firewall Support built-in firewall rule definition
URL redirect stand by
URL filtering stand by
DNS filtering stand by
Internet application Notification system Support account expiration reminder, block online announcement, push announcement, homepage push
Pppoe server Support pppoe internal dial-up Internet
Port Mapping Support DMZ settings, one-to-one, one-to-many port mapping, one-to-one nat
Shared crack Supports cracking of sharing restrictions such as operator network vanguard
Network diagnosis Support Ping detection, Traceroute route tracking, Nslookup domain name query
Group management Support ip grouping, protocol grouping, port grouping
Time management Support management at different time periods
DDNS Support mainstream dynamic static domain names (3322., dyndns and other major service agreements)
DNS Support DNS forwarding, mandatory dns (dns plug and play) dns proxy (gateway as dns)
Device management (optional) AP unified management Support unified management configuration and upgrade of AP
Certification management Support the management and configuration of WeChat and wifi authentication
Switch management Support configuration management of the switch
Advanced configuration Advanced interface configuration Support the configuration of NAT and routing mode of WAN port
Interface mode Support connection status, single-duplex, negotiated rate monitoring
Anti-secondary routing stand by
UPnP Allow clients in the LAN to automatically set port forwarding rules on the route
Port mirroring stand by
PPPOE relay stand by
UDP broadcast relay stand by
System Management TG Cloud Management Support TG AI platform management
WEB management Support WEB visual management and bilingual switching between Chinese and English
time setting Support NTP clock server, automatic time synchronization
Firmware upgrade Support online cloud upgrade, two ways to upgrade firmware locally
Protocol upgrade Support online cloud upgrade, local upgrade protocol library two ways
System diagnosis Supports system and game diagnosis, diagnosis of load, interface traffic, line quality, logs and configuration
WEB access management Support to configure external access routing
Configuration management Support configuration backup, configuration restoration, and configuration restoration
Log management Support local log, cloud log server

Items Product Description Remarks
RGX9808 6*10/100/1000 Base-T ports,2* 1G/10 GE Base-X SFP+ ports, Support 32 wireless access points by default, Scalable to 2064 required
AC-license-16 License for the expansion of 16 wireless access points Optional
AC-license-32 License for the expansion of 32 wireless access points Optional
AC-license-64 License for the expansion of 64 wireless access points Optional
AC-license-128 License for the expansion of 128 wireless access points Optional
AC-license-256 License for the expansion of 256wireless access points Optional
AC-license-512 License for the expansion of 512 wireless access points Optional