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The WAP6-1800 wireless AP is a new generation of Wi-Fi 6 commercial high-performance indoor wireless access point independently developed by TG.
WA1180x indoor wireless AP is based on the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, supports 2×2 MU-MIMO technology, OFDMA space division multiplexing technology and 1024QAM modulation and demodulation algorithm. The maximum rate of the whole machine can reach 1.775Gbps, which can provide faster wireless Internet access and greater wireless coverage. The product's maximum transmission rate of up to 1.775Gbps can easily meet the bearer use of various wireless services, such as multimedia services such as video and voice, and provide intelligent radio frequency, service quality assurance, and seamless roaming.
■  Superior performance
The WAP6-1800 wireless access point complies with the new generation Wi-Fi6 protocol standard and is backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/Wave2. Support MU-MIMO, Wi-Fi6 5G, a single spatial stream rate of 600Mbps, allowing the AP to receive data sent by multiple terminals at the same time. 2.4G radio frequency 0.575Gbps, 5G radio frequency up to 1.2Gbps, and the maximum transmission rate of the whole machine can reach 1.775Gbps, which can effectively provide higher performance wireless access services in terms of coverage, access density, and stable operation. Designed to provide a higher-speed, high-throughput wireless network that can provide more users with higher data throughput in a crowded wireless environment.
■  Uplink gigabit link
It has two 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, and both uplink and downlink use gigabit speeds, which breaks through the traditional 100M speed limit, making wired ports no longer a bottleneck for wireless access.
■  Intelligent authentication management
The WAP6-1800 cooperates with the TG wireless controller to support different authentication schemes based on SSID. The authentication methods include: authentication-free, one-key authentication, WeChat authentication, SMS authentication, key authentication, built-in account uthentication, Radius authentication, and external server authentication. A wealth of authentication strategies to meet the needs of a variety of user authentication.
■  Intelligent seamless roaming and load balancing
Wireless user association WAP6-1800, in the wireless signal coverage within the mobile, you can ensure seamless roaming in the two-tier network, and the user in the process of roaming network business is not interrupted. At the same time WAP6-1800 support based on the number of users and frequency-based load balancing, when the TG wireless controller found that the AP load exceeds the threshold, if a new user access, TG wireless controller automatically calculated according to the current wireless network environment, the user then Into the lighter load AP
■  Link aware, intelligent switching
WAP6-1800 support Fat / Fit two modes of operation, according to the current network conditions for intelligent switching. Which can achieve the traditional "Fit AP + AC" centralized network architecture, when the TG wireless controller failure occurs, WAP6-1800 also through the TG private protocol, rapid perception of abnormal, intelligent switch to Fat mode, to continue the data forwarding.
■  Local forwarding
WAP6-1800 combined with TG wireless controller, can open the local forwarding mode, greatly reducing the wireless controller forwarding traffic, ease the flow pressure, abnormal controller in the case of wireless controller does not affect the normal communication of wireless networks.
■  Dual POE power supply redundancy
WAP6-1800 supports dual POE power supply redundant backup. Both of the two Gigabit Ethernet ports support POE power supply. When one network port is abnormal, the other network port can be used as a backup POE power supply network port, which will not affect the normality of the product. Use, can greatly improve the stability of the product;
■  plug and play
WAP6-1800work in Fit mode, in the field installation and post-maintenance, AP no need to reconfigure, TG wireless controller quickly find access to the new AP, AP start within 3 seconds to complete the template configuration, convenient and quick. TG wireless controller can be a key release configuration, AP batch synchronization configuration, greatly reducing the installation, operation and maintenance costs.
■  Intelligent RF management
The WAP6-1800 provides automatic power and channel adjustment. Through the exclusive RF detection and RF management algorithm to optimize the RF coverage effect. When the AP signal is subject to external strong signal interference, through the control AP automatically switch to the appropriate working channel to avoid interference signals, reduce the interference with the adjacent.
Product Information
Product Model WAP6-1800
Hardware specifications
Fixed port 2*10/100/1000 Base-TX port
Maximum Data Rate 1775Mbps
Max Rf Transmit Power 20dBm
Internal Antennas Omnidirectional antenna with built-in gain 3dBi
Operating frequency band 802.11b/g/n: 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz (China)
802.11ac/a/n: 5.15GHz~5.35GHz,5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz (China)
Power Consumption <9.5W
Dimensions 86mm×86mm×35mm
PoE 802.3af/802.3at power supply supported                                                                   
Buttons 1*RESET
Operating/storage temperature -10°C~50°C/-35°C~70°C
Operating humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Ingress Protection Rating IP31
MTBF >25000H

Software specifications
System Status Support AP model, the name of information display, AP run time display, IP, MAC information display, SSID, encryption, security mode display, working mode display
LAN port settings Support LAN port IP automatic acquisition and manual configuration
VLANs 802.1Q, 4094 VLAN IDs (1 to 4094) and SSID-based VLAN assignment
Blacklist and whitelist Static whitelist and blacklist are supported
RF control Support radio frequency to turn on or off
Wireless Mode 11b,11g,11b/g,11b/g/n,11n,11a,11a/n,11ac,11ax
Broadcast Storm Suppression Supported
SSID Hiding Supported
User Isolation Supported
Automatic channel control Supported
Automatic power adjustment Supported
Clients Limit Connected user number limitation for every SSID
Bandwidth restriction STA- or SSID-based rate limiting is supported from AP Controller
Wireless Security 64/128 WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK,WPA,WPA2
Authentication mode authentication-free, one-key authentication, WeChat authentication, SMS authentication, key authentication, built-in account authentication, Radius authentication, and external server authentication.
Forwarding mode Local forwarding and centralized forwarding
Fat/Fit Mode Supported
Advanced Settings Beacon Interval, RTS Threshold, Data Beacon Rate (DTIM),Long/Short Preamble, Short Gi, A-MPDU,A-MSDU,WMM
management Telnet, HTTP, AP Controller
Access Control Connect limitation based on mac address
Client Association Status Supported
Username Management Supported from Web UI or AP Controller
Firmware Upgrade Supported from Web UI or AP Controller
Backup & Restore Supported
Reset/Reboot Device Supported from Web UI or AP Controller
System Log Supported
Reboot Schedule Supported

Product Information Detailed information
WAP6-1800 2.4G&5G 11ac dual-band 1775Mbps,1 x uplink LAN interface +1 x downlink LAN interface  1000M Port,  PoE power supply