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SGX3728S is the latest development of Gigabit Layer 3 access switch (modular dual power). It’s the second generation intelligent managed switches designed for networks requiring high performance, high port density, high uplink bandwidth and easy to deploy.SGX3728S switch offers Gigabit connectivity with10/100/1000 autosensing ports and 1G or 10G optical uplink.

■  Various Port Types and Flexible Port Expansion
Switch comes with fixed 4*10G ports The series also provides multiple gigabit ports.

■  Excellent Processing capability
Up to 128Gbps switching capacity and 96Mpps liner filtering and forwarding speed

■  Enhanced Reliability Protection Mechanism
Support CPU packed classification and rate restriction by CPU protection policies, which can prevent against illegal
Packet attacks to CPU and reduce the resource consumption.
Support Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), provide rapid convergence and improved fault-tolerant capacity. The network sable operation and load balance are well guaranteed, also improved the reasonable use network channels and redundant link;
Carrier-class switching power supply, supporting functions to prevent against lightning, overpressure and surging. The device can work normally in bad natural weather and instable voltage environment, suitable for 110~240V voltage.

■  Comprehensive Security Control Policies
Support address authentication based on IP +MAC addresses, 802.1x authentication based on user interfaces, and also support IP ACL, MAC ACL, VLAN ACL and L3 / L4 based ACL, can efficiently defend against ARP attacks and viruses. Besides,the switch can provide comprehensive storm control function by suppress broadcast, multicast, DLF flooding and ICMP flooding. The comprehensive secure controls can efficiently guarantee the real-time effectiveness of all security policies.
It supports strict ARP learning, which prevents ARP spoofing attacks that exhaust ARP entries.It also provides an IP source check to prevent DoS attacks caused by MAC address spoofing, IP address spoofing, and MAC/IP spoofing.
It supports DHCP snooping, which discards invalid packets that do not match any binding entries,such as ARP spoofing packets and IP spoofing packets. This prevents hackers from using ARP packets to initiate attacks on campus networks. The interface connected to a DHCP server can be configured as a trusted interface to protect the system against bogus DHCP server attacks.

■  Convenient and Quick Management and Maintenance
Adopt simple visual Web-based interface (http / https), which helps users to handle various functions easily and conveniently. 
Support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that the devices are convenient to configure and manage. Small and medium-sized enterprise customers can centralized manage the switch easily.
Support CLI command line management and telnet, suitable for professional network administrators.
Support SSH2.0 and other encryption, which makes management much more secured.

Product Information
Product Model SGX3728S
Hardware specifications
Fixed Ports 24*1000 Base-X SFP ports
8*10/100/1000 Base-T ports (Combo)
4*1G/10 GE Base-X SFP+ ports
Consloe 1
Reset 1
Modular power slots 2
Port Switching capacity 128Gbps 
Box Switching capacity 598Gbps  
Forwarding Rate 96Mpps
Flash/RAM 64MB/256MB
Temperature Operating temperature: (-10 - 50)°C
Storage temperature: (-40 - 70)°C
Humidity Operating humidity: (10% - 90%) RH, non-condensing
Storage humidity: (5% - 90%) % RH, non-condensing
Dimensions(L*W*H) 440(L)*285(W)*44.5(H)mm
Power AC:100~240VAC,50~60Hz
72W AC Pluggable Power Module
Power consumption 72W
Weight <5.5Kg
Lightning protection 6KV
MAC address table 16K
LED Indicator Power,System ,Link/Act
Software specifications
Forwarding mode Store-and-forward
MAC Address 16K MAC addresses
MAC address learning and aging
Traffic Control Back-pressure traffic control for Half-Duplex mode
IEEE 802.3x traffic control for Full-Duplex mode
Port-based VLANs
802.1Q Vlan
Spanning Tree STP(Spanning Tree Protocol)
RSTP( Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
MSTP(Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
Link Aggregation Static aggregation and LACP
Port Mirroring Many-to-one port mirroring,4 groups
Ring Protection Supports Industrial-level Ethernet Ring Protection Switching ERPS
IP Routing Static Routing
IPv6 IPv6 static routing,RIPng,OSPFv3
ICMP v6, Telnet v6
Multicast IGMP snooping
MVR(Multicast VLAN Registration)
Storm Suppression Suppress broadcast, multicast and unicast 
DHCP Snooping
DHCP Relay
QoS SP(Strict Priorty)
WFQ (Weighted Fair Queuing)
Security Binding of the IP address, MAC address, port;
Port isolation
IP ACL, MAC ACL on hardware
IP Source Guard
ARP Detection
Network Cable Deployment Support Auto-MDIX function, automatically identify straight forward cable and cross-over cable
Negotiation Pattern Support port auto-negotiation function( automatically negotiate transmission rate and Duplex modes)
Maintenance Detect the connectivity of network cables
Uploading or downloading of the configuration data
Uploading of upgrade patch
Support system logs
WEB-based reset to factory defaults
Management WEB-based management
CLI Management (Command Line Interface)
Product Information Detailed information
SGX3728S 24*1000 Base-X SFP ports, 8*10/100/1000 Base-T ports(Combo), 4* 1G/10 GE Base-X SFP+ ports, 2 * Modular power slots
Power supply
PWR-AC-72 72W AC Power Module
SFP+-10GE-SX-MM850 SFP+ Module(850nm,300m,LC)
SFP+-10GE-LX-SM1310 SFP+ Module(1310nm,10km,LC)
SFP-GE-SX-MM850 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver, Multi-Mode (850nm, 550m, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1310 1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver, Single Mode (1310nm, 20km, LC)
SFP-GE-SC-1310 SFP Gigabit optical module, TX1310/RX1550 (20km, SC)
SFP-GE-SC-1550 SFP Gigabit optical module, TX1550/RX1310 (20km, SC)